New Site Build in Drupal7 multi-lingual to display multi-regional site from one database.
  • Moffat
  • ProjectRequirements


    pgrade of Moffat worldwide web presence to enable multi-regional Drupal site.

  • Problem

    Moffat wanted a website upgrade to suit new marketing and logo designs. They have a need for their worldwide sites to be development and maintained in one database from the main head office in Sydney. Demonz Media had designed the new UI for the site but required the creation of functional specifications and Drupal Solution Architecture design.
  • Solution

    The multi-lingual feature of Drupal was utilised to enable the site to have different template and products across the X regions. The site could be maintained from the Australian Head Office though also could be changed if needed in the future to allow locked down region by region editing.

    The centralised database needed to enable excel spread sheet uploads to update products. Moffat maintained their product database on an internal system and had business processes built around the exporting and importing of CSV files. The feeds module was used and heavily customised to allow all X worldwide sites to have brands, products and accessories managed through the Feeds import interface. The products and accessories were customised to enable entity referencing for product layouts, specifications and brand logos to stop any repetitive use of images and PDF’s due to work-around Drupal renaming conventions.

    Demonz Media designed the User Interface and Aimee Maree designed the Drupal solution and information architecture of the site to enable product listing and detailed advanced search features.

  • Architecture


    ode – Drupal 7 Multi Lingual, Product & Accessory updates through Feeds import customisation. Facetted Taxonomy Design to enable product discovery and advanced search features.


    nfrastructure – LAMP – Debian, GIT, PHP 5.3, FTP server architecture design to enable in field upload of specification sheets.

  • Technologies Utilised

    HTML5, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JQuery, JavaScript, Drupal, Linux, Apache, FTP, Multi-Lingual, Mobile Responsive
  • Contribution

    • Feeds customisation through patches and glue module development (Various patches contributed back to Drupal.org)
    • Design of “Add to WishList” Module and “Product Comparison Module to enable email via webform incorporating multi-lingual set-up
    • Drupal7 Solution Design
    • Drupal7 Template Development
  • Credit

    • Site Maintained by Demonz Media
    • UI Designed by Demonz Media
Client:Demonz Media
Date: May 28, 2013