Guidelines for Learning and Teaching

  • Project Requirements


    ew website required to display the Learning and Teaching framework designed by Adrian Lee’s and communicated on various University websites such as UNSW.

  • Problem

    The website was required to facilitate the sharing of Guidelines with people and enable feedback. Needed to have an easy to use administration interface.

    There was a need to be able to package the code and re-use the code with template colour/logo modifications on similar projects www.guidelinesonlearning.unsw.edu.au/

  • Solution

    Change website from static solution to a Content Management based website. With a CMS solution the client will be able to modify page content and also order of menu items. In the older Page Builder system there was no WYSIWYG, the new system enabled this for the client. The ability to move blocks and menu items around would enable the client to change the order of summer and winter in the website based on the season.

    There was a need to be able to replicate the site and modify the content, site logo and theme colour. Drupal was chosen for the strong community support ensuring ongoing maintenance could be provided , ability to be able to do this and also due to the Open Source nature of the code it can be handed onto other education project’s/institutions to use and modify.

  • Install Profile Copies

    The module base and subtheme for the website have been used for two other projects;
    Guidelines on Research Mentoring
    Guidelines on University Project Management
  • Architecture


    ode – Drupal six was chosen for the new site, community contributed modules were used and a custom template designed.


    nfrastructure – LAMP Server built on Linux Centos, PHP 5.3, Apache, SVN

  • Technologies Utilised

    XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JQuery, Drupal6, Linux, Apache
  • Contribution

    • Web Development
    • Sub Theme Design and Development
    • LAMP set-up and configuration
    • On-Going maintenance performed by Aimee Maree
Client:Adrian Lees – Professor Emeritus
Date: March 20, 2009