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Pilot Project for IBM Aptrix to Drupal upgrade for SunCorp Web presence
  • Project Requirements


    ebsite technology conversion pilot project to test appropriateness of using Drupal/Linux/Apache framework for SunCorps various websites.

  • Problem

    Pilot was needed to test Senior Company directive to introduce Open Source technologies into the Companies Information Technology systems to replace old Aptrix WebSphere system. Technology conversion pilot from IBM WebSphere with Aptrix to Linux with Drupal6
  • Solution

    Ran a Pilot Project for Suncorp converting two Apritx/WebSphere sites into Drupal6 sites running on Red Hat Linux and Apache. Main involvement as Technical Lead and training for Drupal6 Development, ensuring development could occur within the teams Windows based desktops utilising Adobe software. This included ensuring that the needs of Drupal and Linux were clearly understood and could be meet within the complex needs of Bank infrastructure. Thoughtworks were involved in for the project to take identified Drupal and Linux infrastructure needs to assist internal Suncorp infrastructure team with Drupal development staging environment solution.
  • Architecture


    ode – Drupal 6


    nfrastructure – Staging, Authoring and Production environment’s utilising complex SVN file and database synchronisation for three environment adhering to separate security needs of each environment.

  • Technologies Utilised

    XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JQuery, Drupal, Linux, Apache, SVN
  • Contribution

    • Drupal Specialist for Content Management System Pilot for SunCorp.
    • Drupal training support and workshop delivery
  • Credit

    • Site built in conjunction with SunCorp Web Development Department Pilot Team
    • on-going site maintenance by Sun-Corp
Date: September 28, 2009