ChildFund Connect

Drupal gamification project to enable online learning through games
  • Child Fund Connect
  • Project Requirements


    ew Website development for Child Fund Australia new Aus Aid Children Education Project.

  • Problem

    The Drupal 6 base had been built by Child Fund Australia, it required a customised template and also further work to occur on the gamification work flow.
  • Solution

    Build a new template for Child Fund Connect website that would suit the young audience. Design a technical solution within Drupal to allow for a games workflow to occur and reward participants with points. Sections of the site could only be accessed once a player had achieved a certain level of points and been awarded the needed badges for the previous section.

    The game play existed behind a wall and was only allowed to be accessed by registered users. The site needed to include a facebook like wall and status updates for the children to discuss their work and progress on the site. Due to the nature of children’s content there was a high level of privacy and also group access that needed to be resolved in order to provide a safe learning environment.

  • Architecture


    ode – Drupal 6, Video Streaming, Gamification workflow and Quiz game design, User point & Badges rules workflow


    nfrastructure – LAMP Server built on Linux Cent Os, PHP 5.2, Apache

  • Technologies Utilised

    HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JQuery, Drupal, Linux, Apache
  • Contribution

    • Drupal Template development
    • Member of User Experience Team for Gamification and site interaction
    • Drupal Gamification and Workflow development
  • Credits

    • Graphics design provided by Child Fund Connect
    • Ongoing Maintenance and Development performed by Child Fund Australia
    • Project Management and Initial Concepts and module investigation provided by Rahull
Client:Child Fund Australia
Date: July 30, 2011