Byron Style Accommodation

Google Maps Mash-up API design for accommodation listings
  • Byron Style
  • Project Requirements


    ebsite upgrade for Byron Style accommodation directory website for the Byron Bay region to incorporate new Google Maps API calls.

  • Problem

    Byron Style required a facelift and style upgrade, it was hard to maintain as all style entries where entered via HTML styling. This meant that the old site did not utilise CSS complicating site maintenance. The site had very basic information displayed that required to be re-ordered to suite new business requirements.

    Due to new Google Maps API calls that had recently become available there was a desire to utilise these features and to incorporate a search by property type displaying the information in both a list and on a full width page map.
    Byron Style needed a way to easily show people the location of accommodation properties, Google Maps API was chosen as the best way to convey the property locations. The data needed to be displayed on the map is stored in a My SQL database.

  • Solution

    The data is pulled from the database using PHP, this data is then manipulated by Javascript to create the location markers on the map and the side panel. The properties can be viewed by all types or just by their specific type such as Apartment, Holiday House etc.

    The side panel was added to help users who were unfamiliar with Google maps, when a property name is clicked on the side panel the marker and info box are displayed on the map. The info box on the marker presents a short description of the property and allows the user to click through to the main property information page. Each property information page also has a small map which shows a marker of the location.

    The google Maps Application can be applied to any type of web site not just accommodation web sites and also has a content management back end which allows the creation/modification and deletion of markers within the application.

  • Architecture


    ode – Custom built PHP Map listing CMS utilising XML/JSON to populate Google Maps API calls


    nfrastructure – LAMP, Linux CentOs, Apache, MySQL

  • Technologies Utilised

    HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, Linux, Apache, Google Maps API, AJAX
  • Contribution

    • Development of Google Maps Mash-Up
    • User Interface Design
  • Credit

    • Site has since been upgraded by ByronBay.com
Client:ByronBay.com PTY LTD
Date: October 28, 2007