Australian Learning and Teaching Council

UI Design, Drupal Solution Design
  • Project Requirements


    ebsite upgrade for Australian Learning and Teaching Council

  • Problem

    There was a large business driver to upgrade the website design. The largest problem heard from web visitors and key stakeholders was the lack of clear navigation and search functionality. This problem stemmed from the lack of information architecture on the site. The architecture used was acting like a hub and spoke where was the site required a hierarchical architecture.

    The information architecture issue’s with the site lead to a lack of any detailed and deep search due the architecture. There was also various new features that were required by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council to help share the work and resources they support with the public.

  • Solution

    There was a complete site analysis performed and work groups held with key stakeholder to ensure there input on the new user interface design. The analysis was performed and a new information architecture designed. The new architecture enabled a detail search for resources both documents and people. The new site also enabled a module approach to development to ensure that new features could be added and the information architecture extended.

    The design of the architecture was hierarchical, the main sections of the site were identified by analyzing website navigation patterns and click through analytic’s. There was an emphasis for user centered approach, a web steering committee and work group were formed with key stakeholders to ensure there sign off and all stages of analysis and design.

    Drupal six was chosen for the new site, there were various business drivers for this reason. The ALTC had previously had all there website design and development outsourced. This was the first time that the Australian Learning and Teaching Council were to engage in-house development. During the analysis phase the website was brought in-house and a Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP development environment set-up and a development team created.

  • Architecture

    Infrastructure – LAMP, Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP 5.2, SVN. Servers brought from external location to internal. Vmware EDI technology stacked utilised and DMZ set-up.
    Code – Technology conversion from Jahia (Java) to Drupal (PHP 5.2) , HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery
  • Technologies Utilised

  • Contribution

    • Systems Analyst and Solution Design
    • User Interface Design
    • Interaction Design
    • Drupal installation and configuration
    • Drupal6 template design
    • Phase One Build
  • Credit

    • Further phases developed by Australian Learning and Teaching Council
    • Graphics design and website developed under Australian Learning and Teaching Council
    • Australian Learning and Teaching Council has been rolled into DEWER and the site is now offline
Client:Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations
Date: December 16, 2008